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The next meeting of the World Liaison Bureau will take place :

On TUESDAY 16 OCTOBER 2012 from 17:00 (sharp) to 19:30 at the Istanbul Grand Cevahir Hotel.

The agenda of this Bureau meeting will deal with:

  • Preparation of the next World General Assembly of INBO to be held in Brazil in 2013;
  • Launching of the candidatures to host the World General Assembly of INBO in 2016;
  • The next "EUROPE – INBO" conference in October 2013 in Spa in the Walloon region (Belgium),
  • The events organized by INBO or associating INBO in 2012 – 2013;
  • The next Meeting of the Brazilian Basin Organizations (REBOB) in Cuiabá from 5 to 9 November 2012;
  • The end result of the 6th World Water Forum of Marseilles - France - March 2012;
  • The end result of the United Nations "RIO+20" Conference in Rio de Janeiro in June 2012,
  • The end result of the Yellow River International Forum in Zhengzhou in September 2012;
  • Project for establishing with UNESCO and UNECE a network of pilot basins to test measures for adapting to climate change;
  • Signatures of the "World Pact for better basin management" since the World Water Forum;
  • Project for creating a "task force" of INBO members for support to the establishment and strengthening of basin organizations in the Neighborhood Area of the EU and Mediterranean basin;
  • The joint publication with UNESCO, UNECE, GEF, AFD and GWP of the handbook on transboundary basin management
  • Draft of an INBO / GEF / IUCN agreement on the management of aquatic ecosystems and the financing of river basin organizations;
  • The activities of the Regional Networks;
  • Miscellaneous issues:
    • the next "INBO Newsletter 2012",
    • the development of the website : www.inbo-news.org,
    • the Auditors' report and approval of INBO accounts for 2011,
    • the PTS budget for 2012 and the PTS budget estimate for 2013