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Capacity building: Vocational training to improve water management

Capacity building


  • Dr. Eric Tardieu, Secretary General, International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO)

Introduction and thematic framework: evolution of training needs in the water sector at international level

  • Mr. Joseph Pronost, Director of training and educational engineering, International Office for Water (OiEau)

(Vocational) training of professionals, a priority for financing


First section of questions & answers with the participants


Intervention of great witnesses

Moderator: Mr. Sètondji Grace-Félix Hounaho, Project manager, INBO


Our key witnesses will share their experience on capacity building in the management of water resources for:


1. Municipal / domestic uses: Ms. Wayida Mohamed, Group Human Resources Executive, Rand Water, South Africa,
Human resources capacity development in the South African water and sanitation sector to address the current and future challenges?


2.Agricultural uses: Mr. Yofre Ramon Mendoza Zambrano, Principal Representative of Agricultural Users, Portoviejo Basin Council, Ecuador
Necesidades de fortalecimiento en capacidades para el uso agrícola del recurso  hídrico un testimonio desde la experiencia


3. Industrial uses: : Mrs. Florence Brocard, Environment Advisor Water & Air, TotalEnergies
TotalEnergies : Needs for water training


4. Mrs. Virginia Barbancho Domínguez, Member of the team of the Permanent Technical Secretariat of the Conference of Ibero-American Water Directors (CODIA
Desarrollo de capacidades en el ámbito de la CODIA: el Programa Iberoamericano de Formació


Second section of questions & answers with the participants


  • Mr. Abou Amani, Director of the Division of Water Sciences & Secretary of the Intergovernmental Hydrological Program of UNESCO (UNESCO-IHP)