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The Nature Conservancy (TNC) in collaboration with the Lake Tanganyika Authority and the African Great Lakes Conference Organizing Committee would like to invite you to attend the first African Great Lakes Conference Technical Committee to be held at The Nature Conservancy's offices in Nairobi, Kenya on 14th – 15TH March 2016.
The overall objective of the conference is to create an open platform for state and non-state leaders in the African Great Lakes Region to collaborate in finding solutions to the pressing challenges of lake basin sustainable development.
The conference is a critical initiative to increase coordination, strengthen capacity, inform policy and management with scientific evidence, and promote basin-scale ecosystem management in the African Great Lakes region.
The Technical Committee meetings will build on the findings of the Conference Organizing Committee, which are attached, and will focus on the detailed structure and content of the Conference agenda and preparations. The draft agenda is also attached for your review and comment.