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The 19th International Riversymposium will address some of the world's most pressing river basin management challenges. How can we best balance economic development with environmental and livelihood values in our own unique parts of the world ?
The Greater Himalaya is one of the world's most populous regions, where climate change poses an additional risk to water security and river health. Ten major rivers drain the Greater Himalaya, providing water, food, energy and environmental services to around 1.5 billion people across central, south, southeast and east Asia ; supporting over one fifth of the global population on less than 2 percent of the global land mass.
This special part of the planet will play host to the 19th International Riversymposium in New Delhi, India. Hot topics will be addressed throughout the program incorporating perspectives from different sectors and parts of the world, with a specific sub-theme and post-conference tours dedicated to exploring the unique challenges of the Himalayas.
  • Food-water-energy nexus in the Himalayan basins - balancing benefits
  • Understanding and adapting to a changing climate
  • Protecting and restoring river ecosystems in an IRBM framework
  • Building community resilience - linking local action to basin planning
  • Approaches to cooperative management in transboundary basins
  • Source of the Ganges - Gangotri glacier
  • Hydropower development in Nepal or Bhutan
  • The Sundarbans of West Bengal and Bangladesh
  • Mt Kailash landscape of the Tibetan Plateau
  • Flood control and sediment management on the Yellow River
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