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Discover Fiware4Water with 4 questions to Doctor Natacha Amorsi, in charge of European projects at International Office for Water.

Could you explain us what is the Fiware4Water project?

Launched in 2019, the Fiware4Water project is coordinated by International Office for Water and developed with 14 europeans partners. Fiware4Water (FIWARE for the Next Generation Internet Services for the WATER sector) aims at linking the water sector to FIWARE, an IT platform with a global ecosystem including developers, innovation centres, accelerators, cities, SMEs and start-ups to facilitate the development of innovative digital solutions for the water sector. Interfaces and tools are now being developed for the benefit of all end-users in the water sector: cities, water producers and processors, SMEs, policy makers, resource managers, but also all citizens and consumers. The objective is to ensure better management, optimization, prediction and real-time monitoring in the water sector using digital tools.

How do you proceed?

The project is built in two distinct phases, the first setting up 4 case studies across Europe (Athens, Cannes, Amsterdam and Great Torrington) to test and optimise the tools, and the second phase aiming to inform and involve all potential stakeholders and end-users.

How does INBO take part in this project?

INBO undertakes during the second phase of the project, the dissemination to potential stakeholders, by organizing 6 workshops related to events organized by its regional branches (Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean, South America, North America, Central Asia) to present the advantages of Fiware4Water applications and intelligent devices for integrated water management.

How could we keep informed about the project progress ?

We just launched the first newsletter highlighting its aims, stakes, environment and latest news. You could also look at the website or follow the project on Twitter or LinkedIn.