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Plublication of the Spatial Hydrology working Group

In 2014, a working group was created to bring together technical and scientific visions and user needs concerning satellite altimetry (estimation of river levels and discharges), and more generally, “multi-sensor” data (imagery, radars) useful for water management.

The spatial hydrology working group gathers French research, institutional, technical and operational stakeholders. It also works closely with potential users, like transboundary basin organisations, especially in Africa. The group members pool their research and champion the implementation of innovative technologies and knowhow.
The group works in particular on the SWOT satellite programme (Surface Water and Ocean Topography). By 2021, this Franco-American project featuring Earth observation satellites will provide spatio-temporal variations of the water levels of large rivers, lakes and streams, of the discharges of major rivers, and of sea levels.


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