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The 2018 Summit will bring together leaders from state, tribal, and local governments, business, and citizens from around the world, to demonstrate how the tide has turned in the race against climate change, showcase climate action taking place around the world, and inspire deeper commitments from each other and from national governments—in support of the Paris Agreement.

2018 is a turning point: countries and all of us must step up the commitments that were made in Paris and do more. The momentum we generate this year must lead to a climate turning point by 2020 in order to prevent the worst effects of climate change. It must be the beginning of a new phase of action and ambition on climate change.

At the Summit, leaders and citizens from around the world will share what they have achieved to date and will commit to doing more to improve our world and usher in a new era of decarbonization and prosperity.  

The Summit will culminate in a call to action to nations to step up their ambition under the Paris Agreement, and cut emissions on a science-based trajectory that limits warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius.

The Summit seeks to change the climate conversation, broaden and depoliticize the issue, and activate everyone to call for change to preserve our future.




Agenda of the The Water Pavilion on september 13th to 14th 2018 :

Our climate is changing, and water delivers some of the most devastating consequences and promising solutions. Droughts, floods, and extreme weather threaten people’s homes, safety, and livelihoods. Balancing water systems locally and globally is essential to meet basic human needs and protect our food supply. Water is integrally linked to our goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as our use of water can either consume or produce energy. Well-functioning watersheds and basins are necessary to support healthy forests, floodplains, wetlands, and other carbon sinks needed to meet our climate goals.

The Water Pavilion will include inspirational speakers, high-level panel discussions, and interactive workshops to articulate the water-climate connection and inspire participants to make ambitious commitments. Activities are organized around five themes:

  • Science to Action – A reflection on what we know and how science should inform action
  • Laws and Governance – Elevating governance structures that support and achieve water-climate resilience
  • Financing Solutions – Exploring creative financing approaches for water innovations and infrastructure globally
  • Communities on the Front Lines of Climate Change – Communities coming together to share what they’ve learned and identify pathways to resilience
  • Water-Climate Commitments – Participants making public commitments to increase the pace and scale of water-climate resilient actions

The Water Pavilion is hosted by the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research and sponsored by the Water Foundation, Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, and other foundations and NGOs. Water Pavilion will take place at Autodesk, 1 Market St, Suite 200 on September 13 and at the Exploratorium, Pier 15, the Embarcadero both on the Bay waterfront in San Francisco on September 14.

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Events :

Forests, Food & Land Day: Meeting the 30x30 Challenge

As part of the Global Climate Action Summit, a day of inspiration, lively discussion, discovery and entertainment that will elevate the importance of forests, food and land in the fight against climate change.


Video (Water Pavilion) :

Intervention of M.Jean-François Donzier

Intervention of M. Edouard Boinet