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The EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030 and the EU Green Deal shaping Europe's Water Management



The 2021 European River Symposium is a continuation of an adventure begun in 2013, with the convening of the first European River Symposium, to strengthen efforts to protect, restore and better manage rivers in Europe.
The Symposium aims to present information about the state of rivers, highlight important problems, and provide examples and initiatives that improve the protection and restoration of rivers.
Above all the Symposium focuses on building connections between institutions, organisations and companies with an interest in rivers and whose activities affect the health and quality of river water and ecosystems.
The Symposium highlights the changes to rivers and specific actions that have been brought about by the European Legislation (the Water Framework Directive) and most importantly the possibilities and opportunities presented by the European Green Deal and European Biodiversity Strategy. These new initiatives provide a significant basis for strengthening the efforts and actions to protect and restore rivers and their associated ecosystems and to ensure that rivers can continue providing services and benefits to people.

The Symposium will focus on:
1.    Providing dynamic panels and discussions that ensure dialogue and interaction among participants.
2.    Ensuring active involvement of sectors which have a big impact on rivers (i.e. agriculture, producing industry, water utilities, energy, navigation, tourism).
3.    Providing an integrated perspective on ecological river restoration to implement the Water Framework Directive and its related Directives.



Organisation Committee:
Philip Weller, Programme Leader IAWD.
Bart Fokkens, Associate Expert ECRR

Programme Committee:
Bart Fokkens, Associate Expert ECRR
Laurice Ereifej, CEO WWF CEE
Eric Tardieu, Secretary General / Edouard Boinet INBO
Konstantin Ivanov, Director / Jergus Semko GWP CEE
Nadya Dedikova, Programme Manager ERS2021, WWF CEE



Report : Sustainable agriculture and water management: towards new synergies: Outcomes


INBO organizes the four following sessions of ERS 2021:

    Session 1. How can the EU Biodiversity Strategy help achieve the WFD objectives, and vice-versa?,
                       Wednesday 26th May, 10h30 – 12h00 (CEST)

    Session 2. Adaptation to climate change: the interest of basin management planning,
                      Wednesday 26th May, 12h30 – 14h00 (CEST)

    Session 13. Sustainable agriculture and water management: towards new synergies,
                        Thursday 27th May, 12h30 – 14h00 (CET)

    Session 14. Participatory basin management: how to do it & why it matters!,
                        Thursday 27th May, 14h15 – 15h45 (CEST)


Here below you can find the overview of the programme of the event.



Please keep in mind that some changes may occur. We will inform participants if and when that happens.