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The International Network of Basin Organizations (INBO) is a partner of the African Great Lakes Conference, taking place from 2-5 May, 2017 in Entebbe, Uganda.
The conference is jointly organized by The Nature Conservancy, The Lake Tanganyika Authority, the Government of Uganda and other partner organizations-African Union Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resources, Lake Kivu and Rusizi River Basin Authority, BirdLife International, Lake Victoria Basin Commission, Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization, Albertine Rift Conservation Society, Research and Academic institutions, International Network of Basin Organizations, Nile Basin Initiative and Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program. The initiative is supported by funding from the MacArthur Foundation, the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, the GEF project IW:Learn "International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network" and the United Nations Environment Program.
The first of its kind in close to twenty years, the conference aims to link science and best practices to solutions for conservation and sustainable development of the African Great Lakes region. Spanning 850,000 km2 of ecosystems which sustain more than 50 million people in parts of 12 countries, the region boasts high biological diversity, yet faces critical challenges to human and lake health, all within the context of a changing climate. Leaders from government (natural?) resource agencies, Basin Organizations and other lake basin management groups of the region's major lakes (Lake Albert, Lake Edward, Lake Kivu, Lake Malawi/Nyasa/Niassa, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Turkana and Lake Victoria) will come together with multi-lateral agencies, academic institutions, the private sector and non-governmental organizations, to facilitate collaboration, strengthen capacity, inform policy and management with science and practice, and encourage basin-scale ecosystem management.
The African Great Lakes Conference theme of Conservation and Development in a Changing Climate will bring together local and regional perspectives on:
• Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity Benefits
• Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture Management
• Climate Change Impacts, Mitigation, Adaptation, and Resilience
• Population Dynamics, Health, and the Environment
• Balancing Conservation and Development
• Basin Governance and Financing
For more information about the conference, and to sign up to receive updates, visit our website or contact Dr. Modesta Medard:

Eau et changement climatique : adaptons-nous !