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Guadalquivir Basin - National legislative framework enabling participation

The Guadalquivir River Basin Confederation manages a basin of 57,184 km2, and operates 52 reservoirs with a total capacity of nearly 8,000 cubic hectometers, allowing the irrigation of over 700,000 hectares. In the basin, about 3,500 irrigation communities use an average area of 100 hectares.

Within the Basin Organization, there are two types of participation to be considered: participation in the CHG Board of Directors (governing body) and participation in the Users' Assembly, the Operating Councils, the Dam Water Release Commission (management or participation bodies). The decisions adopted in these bodies concern the entire Guadalquivir basin.

For the irrigators’ communities, participation in their internal management is ensured by three structures: the board of directors, the general assembly and the risk court. Decisions adopted by these bodies only concern users of the community.

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